General Santos City Datawatch provides important data of barangays in General Santos City.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tourism Potential of General Santos City


1.1 Man-made Park

General Santos City hosts one of the country’s international seaport and a secondary international airport. In 2007, it was named as the most livable “mid-sized” city nationwide by the Asian Institute of Management - Sycip Policy Center, but among the many things that strike a visitor upon reaching the heart of General Santos City is its children’s park right at the huge premise of the GSC Freedom Park.

The General Santos Park within the city central site is a unique destination. It is undergoing a massive refurbishment and is slated to re-open the second semester of 2009.

Thru the efforts of the General Paulino Santos Foundation, the General Paulino Santos Museum was established in honor of the late Army general and administrator of the National Land Settlement Administration (NLSA).
The general's memorabilia can be found in the said museum. There is also an ethno-museum at the Mindanao State University at Barangay Tambler campus.

The privately-owned Sarangani Highlands at Barangay Tambler is a must-see place in the city. The view deck provides a good sight of Sarangani Bay at sunset. At dusk, it is a terrific attraction. The pavement and boardwalk are constructed with stamped concrete.

The Queen Tuna Park at Barangay Dadiangas South is enhanced by promenade with colorful lights and landscape and now frequently visited by local residents, specifically students who use the park for their extra curricular activities. It is also the haven of skim boarding activities among youngsters.

Other historical landmarks in the city include the Notre Dame of Dadiangas for Girls school (circa 1957), St. Peter and Paul Parish Church (Circa 1960), and Rajah Buayan Airport (Circa 1958).

1.2 Natural Sites

The city has undeveloped beaches that have potentials to meet the leisure needs of the local folks and the prospective tourists. At present, there is four (4) developed beach resort that are operating.

Additionally, the hills and slopes of Barangay Bawing provide a panoramic view of Mt. Matutum and the Sarangani Bay.

The Nopol Hill and Klaja Karst at Barangay Conel also offer a fascinating sight of the city. Spelunking activity is ideal at Barangay Conel where various caves are located as well as falls and streams.

1.3 Festivities

Local festivities are one of the hallmarks of a growing community. Its purposes are both tourism as well as cultural awareness.

General Santos City, for its part, maintains four (4) important local festivities in a year.

List of Local Festivities
1. Kalilangan Festival (February 27) – cultural heritage
2. Yaman Gensan (mid June- mid July) – micro, small and medium enterprises
3. Tuna Festival (September 5) – fishing industry
4. Pasko sa Gensan (December) – Christmas celebration

An equally important festival of greater importance to the city is the Barangay Bula Sto.Niño Festival which is celebrated on January 15 of each year and regularly, draws large crowd from afar. This is the biggest Sto.Nino event outside of Cebu.

In 2008, no less than Vice-President Noli de Castro and Papal Nuncio Msgr. Adams graced the festivity.

Education Sector in General Santos City

2.1 Vocational-Technical School Facilities

There are 29 vocational-technical schools in General Santos City which help prepare in the skills development of the city and country's human resources.

List of Technical Vocational Schools (including schools with voc-tech programs)

1. ACA Sargen Foundation, Magsaysay Avenue, Dadiangas South
2. AMA University, Laurel St. Dadiangas North
3. AMA CLC College Magsaysay Avenue, Dadiangas West
4. Bula National School of Fisheries, Zone 6, Bula
5. Cronasia Foundation College, Nuestra Señora St, Dadiangas South
6. Doña Lourdes Institute of Technology, Osmeña Street, Dadiangas East
7. Emmanuel College – Dadiangas West
8. Euro Asia Hospitality Training, Mansanitas St. Dadiangas South
9. General Santos National School of Arts and Trades, Tiongson Street, Lagao
10. Gensan College of Technology, Pioneer Avenue, Dadiangas South
11. Golden State College, Pioneer Avenue, Dadiangas West
12. Holy Trinity College, Daproza Street, Dadiangas North
13. Jescolar Academia International, Cagampang St. Dadiangas South
14. Jojio Ilagan Career Center Foundation, Mansanitas Street, Dadiangas South
15. Mindanao Master Technical Training Center,Mateo Road, Lagao
16. Mindanao Polytechnic College, National Highway, Apopong
17. Mindanao State University, Tambler
18. Nikki Louise College, Capareda St. Lagao
19. Notre Dame of Dadiangas College, Marist Avenue, Dadiangas East
20. Philippine Institute of Technology, Laurel East Avenue, Dadiangas North
21. Pyratech/Global Training College, Acharon Blvd. Dadiangas South
22. Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, Pioneer Avenue, Dadiangas South
23. RD Training Center – Calumpang
24. SITE Driving School – Mateo Road, Lagao
25. South Ranex College, Pendatun St. Dadiangas North
26. Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology – Purok Alunan, Bula
27. Sta.Maria Institute of Paramedics, Pioneer Avenue, Dadiangas West
28. Stratford International School, Cabe Subdivision, Lagao
29. Universal College, Pendatun Street, Dadiangas North

2.2 Special Education

Special education develops the capabilities of children who are physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or culturally disabled as well as gifted children. Children with special needs are being attended to through modified curricula, special services and physical facilities for the maximum development of their potentials.

Through the General Santos City SPED Center, educational patterns for these children include the special class plan (self-contained/segregated plan), resource room plan, and the itinerant teacher plan. On the whole, the ultimate goal of the special education programme is the mainstreaming or integration of children with special needs into the regular school system to lead as normal a life as possible.

2.3 Adult and non-formal education

Non-formal education includes organized school-based educational activities aimed at attaining specific learning objectives for a particular clientele, especially the illiterate adults and out-of-school youths. It is one of the intervention strategies for human development, especially for the economically, socially and educationally disadvantaged population groups, ethnic minorities and other cultural communities. Non-formal education objectives cater directly to the immediate and current needs of people, rather than preparing them for some future gains

The city division of the Department of Education (DEPED) has reaped many recognitions over the years in the areas of adult and non-formal education. Notable endorser of this government’s thrust hails from General Santos City popularly known as Manny L. Pacquiao: the world boxing champion.

High Traffic Commercial Sites

Typical of highly-urbanized cities in country, General Santos City has its own share of commercial strips and a central business district.

The former, comprising mostly of banks, offices and service establishments, stretch along public transport routes thereby serving both local consumers and passers-by from the neighboring localities.

Major commercial strips of the city include the stretch of Daproza Street, Jose Catolico Avenue, Pedro Acharon Sr. Boulevard, Santiago Boulevard, National Highway and Ireneo Santiago Boulevard.

The city’s Central Business District on the central portion of the city is concentrated in the Pioneer Avenue (both Barangays Dadiangas South and Barangay Dadiangas West).

Geographic Features

2.1 Geographical Location

General Santos City lies at the Southern part of the Philippines. It is located between 1251’ and 12517’ East longitude and between 558’ and 620’ North latitude. The city is Southeast of Manila, Southeast of Cebu and Southwest of Davao. The municipalities of Alabel, Malungon and Maasim of Sarangani Province and the municipalities of Polomolok and T’boli of South Cotabato surround the city.

2.2 Political Subdivision

The City belongs to the First Congressional District of South Cotabato and is one of the 5 cities in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region (Region 12). Currently, the city has 26 barangays.

2.3 Land Area

The total land area of the City is 53,606 hectares.

2.4 Topography

Majority of the entire land area constitutes wide flat lands stretching northeast of the city and undulating terrain. Mt. Matutum, towards the North, towers at 2,293 meters above sea level. Mt. Parker, at the Southwestern part of South Cotabato, towers at 2,040 meters above sea level.

2.5 Mineral Deposits

Uncertain quantities of mineral deposits are present in the city. Such minerals are limestone, iron sand, sulfur, copper, gold, nitrate, luminate, rutile and guano. Abundant sand and gravel are being quarried at the Silway, Siguel and Buayan rivers.

2.6 Inland and Underground Waters

There are six sluggish rivers draining the city. There are also six creeks, three large cold springs and several minor springs that have potentials as sources of potable water. Underground water is usually shallow.

Population of General Santos City Exceeded Half Million


(Results from the 2007 Census of Population)

Population increased to 529,542 persons

The total population of General Santos City was 529,542 persons as of August 1, 2007, based on the 2007 Census of Population. This figure was higher by 117,720 person
s over the population count of 411,822 persons in 2000. The recent population count for this highly urbanized city translated to an average annual population growth rate of 3.53 percent for the period 2000 to 2007.

The number of households reached 111,927, which was 25,332 households more than the number of households posted in 2000. The average household size in 2007 was 4.7 persons, the same average household size reported in 2000.

Calumpang was the most populated barangay

Among the 26 barangays in General Santos City, barangay Calumpang was the most populated, with a population of 67,832 persons, or 12.8 percent of the city’s total population. It was followed by barangays Fatima (12.7 percent), Labangal (10.9 percent), and Lagao (1st & 3rd) (9.1 percent). Barangay Olympog had the least share of 0.5 percent.

Figure 1

Sex ratio was 102 males per 100 females

Of the 528,011 household population of General Santos City, 50.5 percent were males and 49.5 percent were females, or a sex ratio of 102 males for every 100 females. In 2000, the sex ratio was 101 males per 100 females.

Half of the population were below 21 years old

The household population of General Santos City had a median age of 21 years in 2007, which means that half of the household population were below 21 years old. This figure was one year higher than the median age (20 years) in 2000.

Figure 2

More than one third (34.9 percent) of the city’s household population were below 15 years old. The highest share was noted in under 5-year old age group (12.4 percent), followed by age group 5 to 9 years old (11.5 percent) and 10 to 14 years (10.9 percent). The proportion of those in age group 15 to 19 years, which was registered at 11.8 percent, was higher than those in age groups 5 to 9 years and 10 to 14 years. This made the age-sex population structure of the city deviate from the usual pyramid shape.

More than half of the household population were in the voting age group

More than half (58.1 percent) of the household population of the city were in the voting age group (18 years old and over). The distribution of voting-age population by sex showed that males (50.3 percent) outnumbered the females (49.7 percent).

Overall dependency ratio decreased to 60 dependents per 100 persons in the working age group

The proportion of household population in the working age group (15 to 64 years) was 62.5 percent; young dependents (0 to 14 years), 34.9 percent; and old dependents (65 years and over), 2.6 percent.

The overall dependency ratio was computed at 60, which means that for every 100 persons in the working age group, there were 60 dependents (56 young and 4 old dependents). In 2000, there were about 66 dependents (62 young and 4 old dependents) for every 100 persons in the working-age population.

Never-married persons comprised more of males than females

Of the household population 10 years old and over in 2007, 46.0 percent were never-married while 43.5 percent were married. The rest of the population was either widowed, divorced/separated, had common law/live-in marital arrangement, or had unknown marital status. Among never-married persons, there were more males (52.9 percent) than females (47.1 percent). Females outnumbered the males in the rest of the categories for marital status.

In 2000, the proportion of never-married persons was 43.5 percent, while the proportion of married persons was 45.8 percent of the total household population 10 years old and over.

More females reached higher levels of education

Of the household population 5 years old and over, 31.2 percent had attended or finished elementary education while 35.8 percent had reached high school. Proportion of academic degree holders was 9.2 percent, an increase of 4.5 percentage points from 4.7 percent in 2000.

More females reached higher levels of education than males as shown by higher proportion of females with academic degree (55.3 percent) and post baccalaureate courses (55.2 percent).

Among the household population 5 to 24 years old, majority (62.9 percent) attended school at anytime during School Year 2007 to 2008. Almost the same proportion of males (50.1 percent) and females (49.9 percent) attended school during said school year.

Number of occupied housing units increased by 30 percent

From a total of 85,058 occupied housing units in 2000, the number of occupied housing units reached 110,611 in 2007, showing an increase of 30.0 percent. The number of households for every 100 occupied housing unit in 2007 was 101 households, which was lower than the ratio of 102 households for every 100 occupied housing units in 2000. The number of persons per occupied housing unit in 2007 was 4.8 persons, the same ratio reported in 2000.

Most occupied housing units were made of strong materials

An improvement in the materials used for the outer walls was observed in 2007. The proportion of occupied housing units with outer walls made of concrete/brick/stone increased from 32.3 percent in 2000 to 37.2 percent in 2007. On the other hand, the proportion of occupied housing units with outer walls made of bamboo/sawali/cogon/nipa dropped from 36.5 percent in 2000 to 33.4 percent in 2007.

Moreover, majority (81.6 percent) of the occupied housing units in 2007 had roofs made of galvanized iron/aluminum. Use of cogon/nipa/anahaw for the roof remarkably decreased from 25.7 percent in 2000 to 15.2 percent in 2007.


Table 1

Table 2

Table 2

Table 2

Table 2

Table 2

Technical Notes

Source: Household Statistics Department
National Statistics Office

Manila, Philippines

Page last revised: January 15, 2010

GSC Barangay Profiles IV: Infrastructure Projects

More than 1.1 billion pesos have been invested in various infrastructure projects in all 26 barangays of General Santos City between 2000 and 2008. The following link to this data.

GSC Barangay Profiles III: Current Political Leadership

The following data are for the current political leadership in various barangays.

Position Name Gender

Punong Barangay Pacquiao, Rogelio D. M
Kagawad 1 Carreon, Calizto F. M
Kagawad 2 Dulay, Lou Bernadette C. F
Kagawad 3 Lambot, Roger R. M
Kagawad 4 Arana, Leonora C. F
Kagawad 5 Maramara, Ponciano G. M
Kagawad 6 Javier, Helen S. F
Kagawad 7 Halawig, Juliet G. F
Brgy. Secretary Bello, Orfin B. M
Brgy. Treasurer Calunsag, Quirico, Jr. M

SK Chairman Calunsag, Jane R. F
SK kagawad 1 Abila, karlo Jayson M. M
SK kagawad 2 Alvaira, Apple Jean D. F
SK kagawad 3 Tamine, Joramel G. M
SK kagawad 4 Bonita, Shelonie S. F
SK kagawad 5 Ayco, Lovely Lou B. F
SK kagawad 6 Fernandez, Ruffa Mae M. F
SK kagawad 7 Quiñonez, Reymond M


Punong Barangay Ngilay, Asiren S. F
Kagawad 1 Odin, Cristoto W. M
Kagawad 2 Bentaib, Alikain M. M
Kagawad 3 Ongca, Elizabeth M. F
Kagawad 4 Sanday, Abdulkarim P. F
Kagawad 5 Moraga, Julhari T. M
Kagawad 6 Samboang, Rabain J. M
Kagawad 7 Buday, Samuel L. M
Brgy. Secretary Abdurajak, Pamela T. F
Brgy. Treasurer Chio, Haron K. M

SK Chairman Bentaib, Shahara F
SK kagawad 1 Gemino, Noreen Grace S. F
SK kagawad 2 Malayon, Janice M. F
SK kagawad 3 Benito, Rodelyn B. F
SK kagawad 4 Panayaman, Wallie U. M
SK kagawad 5 Vicente, Maria Fe M. F
SK kagawad 6 Guiaman, Fanina M. F
SK kagawad 7 Tantiado, Jezelle A. F


Punong Barangay Tinoco, Danilo C. M
Kagawad 1 Diamante, Armando N. M
Kagawad 2 Madria, Jerome J. M
Kagawad 3 Castellano, Ivan C. F
Kagawad 4 Melevo, Jeremias H. M
Kagawad 5 Tupas, Lito B. M
Kagawad 6 Usman, Rahmasuib S. M
Kagawad 7 Jardiolin, Fenie S. F
Brgy. Secretary Besa, Dennis S. M
Brgy. Treasurer Hallado, Venerando D. M

SK Chairman Naldoza, Rizza Jane C F
SK kagawad 1 Daguman, Mary Ann B. F
SK kagawad 2 Panlaan, Joemard C. M
SK kagawad 3 Taydin, Lovely A. F
SK kagawad 4 Suib, Hairoden O. M
SK kagawad 5 Rancho, Julito T. M
SK kagawad 6 Panansang, Monzir L. M
SK kagawad 7 Cole, Josie O. M


Punong Barangay Solis, Rogelio G. M
Kagawad 1 Dela Cruz, Florida M. F
Kagawad 2 Lambac, Salihin S. F
Kagawad 3 Otañes, Beltran L. M
Kagawad 4 Sapar, Sabas C. M
Kagawad 5 Bañas, Bing O. Sr. M
Kagawad 6 Deris, Paulo E. M
Kagawad 7 Nacua, Babiolo P. M
Brgy. Secretary Valenzyela, Elvira C. F
Brgy. Treasurer Junco, Jaime V. M

SK Chairman Mascardo, Arrah Lou P. F
SK kagawad 1 Azusena, Desiree B. F
SK kagawad 2 Reyes, Joralyn G. F
SK kagawad 3 Paciente, Cliff A. M
SK kagawad 4 Gutierrez, Venus B. M
SK kagawad 5 Mauricio, Jonnalyn K. F
SK kagawad 6 Pelaco, Daisy P. F
SK kagawad 7 Lambac, Yasser B. M


Punong Barangay Declaro, Remus P. M
Kagawad 1 Granfon, Ruel E. M
Kagawad 2 Tulio, Edison D. M
Kagawad 3 Congson, Vandyke B. M
Kagawad 4 Talle, Antonio M. M
Kagawad 5 Somosot, Feliciano Jr. T. M
Kagawad 6 Gavilo, Ladislao Jr. G. M
Kagawad 7 Vargas, Pedro T. M
Brgy. Secretary Pabon, Roy B. M
Brgy. Treasurer Caseñas, Imelda R. F

SK Chairman Abatayo, Precious Pia D. F
SK kagawad 1 Somosot, Martin N. M
SK kagawad 2 Cadavos, Eduardo Jr. Y. M
SK kagawad 3 Napoles, Micheal P. M
SK kagawad 4 De Leon, Karen S. F
SK kagawad 5 Vaz, Jerel A. M
SK kagawad 6 Dolera, Kina Fe F. F
SK kagawad 7 Balolot, Yennie J. F


Punong Barangay Forones, Cirilo R. M
Kagawad 1 Salubre, Reynaldo E. M
Kagawad 2 Castillon, Zaldy T. F
Kagawad 3 Cabarubias, Andres A. M
Kagawad 4 Dupalco, Arthur Ryan R. M
Kagawad 5 Templado, Berlando C. M
Kagawad 6 Suscano, Arniel A. M
Kagawad 7 Cahilsot, Carlito D. M
Brgy. Secretary Mercado, Jelyn J. F
Brgy. Treasurer Battung, Wilma G. F

SK Chairman Dayap, Marianne Kathleen B. F
SK kagawad 1 Gagni, Queenie O. F
SK kagawad 2 Villaflor, Hannah M. F
SK kagawad 3 Salubre, Reyford S. M
SK kagawad 4 Layang, Almiigift C. F
SK kagawad 5 Asunto, Honey Lyn S. F
SK kagawad 6 Consolacion, Jaymar P. M
SK kagawad 7 Velos, Gilbert L. M


Punong Barangay Santos, Jose M. M
Kagawad 1 Paler, Jose D. M
Kagawad 2 Cabarles, Rolando P. M
Kagawad 3 Mascardo, Rogelio B. M
Kagawad 4 Gulle, Metodio A. M
Kagawad 5 Bitco, Elemenita L. F
Kagawad 6 Ginobatan, Samuel C. M
Kagawad 7 Datahan, Paulino S. M
Brgy. Secretary Enumerables, Rey S. M
Brgy. Treasurer Yu, Trinidad H. F

SK Chairman Macasero, Michelle B. F
SK kagawad 1 Ligason, Belly Joe P. M
SK kagawad 2 Garvida, Louie G. M
SK kagawad 3 Amoguis, Nice A. F
SK kagawad 4 Busano, Leomar L. M
SK kagawad 5 Lamberte, Jessie Clyde Benedict C. M
SK kagawad 6 Ayuste, Genmark D. M
SK kagawad 7 Olaer, Ryan R.

Dadiangas East

Punong Barangay Abao, Rosario F. M
Kagawad 1 Sevilla, Abraham V. M
Kagawad 2 Nilong, Datu S. M
Kagawad 3 Baybay, Reynaldo Jr. L. M
Kagawad 4 Sofronio, Felicilda A. F
Kagawad 5 Montaño, Alan B. M
Kagawad 6 Ladublan, Richar Dem S. M
Kagawad 7 Quilban, Edwin C. M
Brgy. Secretary Dalapo, Osias A. Jr. M
Brgy. Treasurer Atienza, Grace G. M

SK Chairman Topaz, Twinkle Mae F. F
SK kagawad 1 Chua, Rovanne S. M
SK kagawad 2 Romualdo, Ruby Rose B. F
SK kagawad 3 Asuncion, Jenny S. F
SK kagawad 4 De Guzman, Dennis G. M
SK kagawad 5 Garana, Jeffrey John R. M
SK kagawad 6 Torrecampo, Crisa C. F
SK kagawad 7 Bahusuan, Hamsia M. F
Dadiangas South

Punong Barangay Aponesto, Flora P. F
Kagawad 1 Veneracion, Joseph Alvin F. M
Kagawad 2 Miñoza, Vergie G. M
Kagawad 3 Patricio, Rosalina M. F
Kagawad 4 Pragados, Roland M. M
Kagawad 5 Ilumba, Jose Paolo L. M
Kagawad 6 Bantoto, Clemencia P. F
Kagawad 7 Catolico, Quintin C. F
Brgy. Secretary
Brgy. Treasurer

SK Chairman Pragados, Kevin Koland P. M
SK kagawad 1 Durano, Daryll B. M
SK kagawad 2 Miñoza, Emmeline B. F
SK kagawad 3 Alonto, Ann Leah S. F
SK kagawad 4 Besueno, Feri Mae B. F
SK kagawad 5 Refugio, Jona Jem S. F
SK kagawad 6 Sultan, Hasna A. F
SK kagawad 7 Jovenal, Ruben Dave S. M

Dadiangas North

Punong Barangay Lising, Alfredo E. M
Kagawad 1 Tampos, Luzviminda R. F
Kagawad 2 Cloma, Reynante C. M
Kagawad 3 Concepcion, Sumplicia M. F
Kagawad 4 Balagtas, Rafael D. M
Kagawad 5 Bautista, Noel T. M
Kagawad 6 Lim, Emilio Jr. A. M
Kagawad 7 Mejia, Arman G. M
Brgy. Secretary Butil, Odette G. F
Brgy. Treasurer Tablo, Junaila Corazon T. F

SK Chairman Mejia, Jerald Ruben A. M
SK kagawad 1 Cloma, Mark Angelo M
SK kagawad 2 Abad, Jackie Oliver P. M
SK kagawad 3 Velasco, Raymark L. M
SK kagawad 4 Custodio, Reynaldo P. M
SK kagawad 5 Diaz, Riza Grace V. F
SK kagawad 6 Sepe, Mary Rose T. F
SK kagawad 7

Dadiangas West

Punong Barangay Acharon, Edgar C. M
Kagawad 1 Acharon, Yolando B. M
Kagawad 2 Aparente, Pablo R. M
Kagawad 3 Perez, Florentino A. M
Kagawad 4 Gutang, Sammy C. M
Kagawad 5 Taporco, Linda D. F
Kagawad 6 Arce, Alan L. M
Kagawad 7 Sultan, Alex A. M
Brgy. Secretary Montero, Elizabeth C. F
Brgy. Treasurer Camacho, Elvira V. F

SK Chairman Aparente, Jorge A. M
SK kagawad 1 Paler, Rodolph Q. M
SK kagawad 2 Galdo, Johnrex B. M
SK kagawad 3 Dayupay, Marinell I. F
SK kagawad 4 Trazo, Mary Joie G. F
SK kagawad 5 Francisco, Zaldy B. F
SK kagawad 6 Suriaga, Catherine O. F
SK kagawad 7 Ejurango, April Joy Q. F


Punong Barangay Toyogon, Leonardo Sr. M. M
Kagawad 1 Jayoma, Roger A. M
Kagawad 2 Matobato, Josephine P. F
Kagawad 3 Alboroto, Marcelo F. M
Kagawad 4 Cordero, Johnny M. M
Kagawad 5 Gomez, Martino N. M
Kagawad 6 Ibea, Marilou S. M
Kagawad 7 Veniegas, Cesar M. M
Brgy. Secretary Dionaldo, Miraflor J. F
Brgy. Treasurer Soler, Mary Anne E. F

SK Chairman Tagalogon, Roy A. M
SK kagawad 1 Villamor, Chammy Fe. G F
SK kagawad 2 Quipo, Arlyn Jane C. F
SK kagawad 3 Laurel, Chutche P. F
SK kagawad 4 Batiller, Janiza C. F
SK kagawad 5 Modin, Fahd C. M
SK kagawad 6 Alegado, Leodonie T. F
SK kagawad 7 Rebusa, Louie Jay C. M

Punong Barangay Clapis, Reynaldo B. M
Kagawad 1 Flores, Avelino J. M
Kagawad 2 Hepte, Melchor B. M
Kagawad 3 Abing, Reynaldo S. M
Kagawad 4 Balabat, Efren A. M
Kagawad 5 Catulpos, Elmer V. M
Kagawad 6 Saway, Kahidan P. M
Kagawad 7 Baylon, Santos C. M
Brgy. Secretary Cristobal, Cicilia B. F
Brgy. Treasurer Ortigas, Henry D. M

SK Chairman Ellivera, krysler Louie F. M
SK kagawad 1 Micoy, Aiza Jane K. F
SK kagawad 2 Cruz, Cherry Marie Irish D. F
SK kagawad 3 Pialogo, Jhan Noli C. M
SK kagawad 4 Gonzales, Karen Joy P. F
SK kagawad 5 Tipay, Daryll C. M
SK kagawad 6 Monsales, Raymond N. M
SK kagawad 7 Sim, Devie Rose M. F

Punong Barangay Herceda, Remie R. F
Kagawad 1 Gentoba, Bernardo P. M
Kagawad 2 Rivera, Georgina M. F
Kagawad 3 Nobleza, Apolinario S. M
Kagawad 4 Peñol, Benedicto P. M
Kagawad 5 Alcarde, Rene C. M
Kagawad 6 Aldave, Lani S. F
Kagawad 7 Arinzol, Ricardo G. Sr. M
Brgy. Secretary Cabinta, Ivy A. F
Brgy. Treasurer Am-Is, Carmelo Sr., S. F

SK Chairman Lanticse, Jamaica P. F
SK kagawad 1 Basuel, Dionisio Jr. D. M
SK kagawad 2 Aldave, Gerald B. M
SK kagawad 3 Dayanan, Jeanvive S. F
SK kagawad 4 Anas, Demer V. M
SK kagawad 5 Arinzol, Richel S. F
SK kagawad 6 Geraga, Dennis N. M
SK kagawad 7 Altares, Francis Edgar E. M

Punong Barangay Avila, Minardo L. III M
Kagawad 1 Regalado, Albert P. M
Kagawad 2 Eturma, Adgardo C. M
Kagawad 3 Alegado, Pablito S. M
Kagawad 4 Leyson, Eduardo D. III M
Kagawad 5 Santos, Teodora Q. F
Kagawad 6 Yumang, George G. M
Kagawad 7 Blando, Jonathan T. M
Brgy. Secretary
Brgy. Treasurer Dagum, Jimmy S. M

SK Chairman Blando, Sunshine M. F
SK kagawad 1 Arriola, Chryslene M. F
SK kagawad 2 Escalante, Jessica B. F
SK kagawad 3 Dela Peña, Glenuel Y. M
SK kagawad 4 Nonol, Karl V. M
SK kagawad 5 Dequito, Lhea Helena L. F
SK kagawad 6 Cunanan, Krisite Mae S. F
SK kagawad 7 Villa Gracia, Precious V. F


Punong Barangay Tapel, Eugene E. Sr. M
Kagawad 1 Africa, Lorna C. F
Kagawad 2 Cerna, Rolando V. M
Kagawad 3 Tobias, Hanzir C. M
Kagawad 4 Salindal, Benbenor T. M
Kagawad 5 Maranguit, Angelita T. F
Kagawad 6 Bermudes, Carlo M. M
Kagawad 7 Balabis, Yolando M. M
Brgy. Secretary Quilog, Juliet A. F
Brgy. Treasurer Amantillo, Corazon G. F

SK Chairman Tapel, Mae Ann A. F
SK kagawad 1 Tapel, Rexie Rue B. F
SK kagawad 2 Lim, Annie Rose T. F
SK kagawad 3 Bermudez, Don Xydel F. M
SK kagawad 4 Rivera, Jay Ann M. F
SK kagawad 5 Reymon, Harold Jade T. M
SK kagawad 6 Vega, Emelita R. F
SK kagawad 7 Cariño, Irene Cleo T. F

Punong Barangay Gulle, Abeto A. M
Kagawad 1 Amora, Apolonio D. Sr. M
Kagawad 2 Miego, Rogelio G. M
Kagawad 3 Cabunilas, Irji G. M
Kagawad 4 Rodriguez, Herlito R. M
Kagawad 5 Adiser, Lucio C. M
Kagawad 6 Guymon, John L. M
Kagawad 7 Fuentes, Cirilo V. M
Brgy. Secretary Cabanilla, Jennefer B. F
Brgy. Treasurer Garingo, Presie D. F

SK Chairman Gulle, Shelamie C. F
SK kagawad 1 Guymon, Mary Grace M. F
SK kagawad 2 Deligero, Ronavie A. F
SK kagawad 3 Pelonia, Venus A. M
SK kagawad 4 Deligero, Richelyn P. F
SK kagawad 5 Puentenegra, Catherine L. F
SK kagawad 6 Diza, Rubelyn L. F
SK kagawad 7 Cariño, Ellen Mae B. F


Punong Barangay Parreñas, Wilfredo L. M
Kagawad 1 Valles, Perfecto L. M
Kagawad 2 Duran, Romulo O. M
Kagawad 3 Villanueva, Rene C. M
Kagawad 4 Jordan, Victor D. M
Kagawad 5 Arca, Andres T. M
Kagawad 6 Lauron, Antonio T. M
Kagawad 7 Paras, Florentino E. M
Brgy. Secretary Marayan, Sonny G. Jr. M
Brgy. Treasurer Quijano, Cherlita M. F

SK Chairman Ungui, Ildefonso L. M
SK kagawad 1 Pasilaban, Antonio Q. M
SK kagawad 2 Pugay, Charish D. F
SK kagawad 3 Oftana, Jessa E. F
SK kagawad 4 Magbanua, Geraldine I. F
SK kagawad 5 Marabe, Jene Rose B. F
SK kagawad 6 Danis, Mac Donald M. M
SK kagawad 7 Batbatan, Jane C. F

San Isidro
Punong Barangay Salangsang, Renato O. M
Kagawad 1 Sosombrado, Abelardo A. M
Kagawad 2 Quinto, Nilda F
Kagawad 3 Manansala, Marly G. F
Kagawad 4 Yumang, Emmanuel G. M
Kagawad 5 Lacap, Ricardo S. M
Kagawad 6 Manaloto, Renato C. M
Kagawad 7 Cunanan, Juliet R. F
Brgy. Secretary Mayo, Danilito T. M
Brgy. Treasurer Perfas, Eleonor A. F

SK Chairman Cunanan, John Ruel R. M
SK kagawad 1 Gamboa, Hanna Mae A. F
SK kagawad 2 Bacalso, Geli Glays L. F
SK kagawad 3 Garbo, Riley M
SK kagawad 4 De Mesa, Pearl D. F
SK kagawad 5 Tagupa, Fretchie S. F
SK kagawad 6 Berdigay, Ember Joanne P. F
SK kagawad 7 Tagoto, Cynthia Lou P. F

San Jose
Punong Barangay Belgica, Alfredo V. Sr. M
Kagawad 1 Duldoco, Mae Ailen A. F
Kagawad 2 Salas, Ernesto S. M
Kagawad 3 Gawan, Loreto P. M
Kagawad 4 Paidumama, Abdul Rahim S. M
Kagawad 5 Oczon, Edison T. M
Kagawad 6 Balunto, Ronald B. M
Kagawad 7 Sulanting, Crispin M. M
Brgy. Secretary Dequito, Danilo D. M
Brgy. Treasurer Balaso, Edna S. F

SK Chairman Papasin, Ellona Jean B. F
SK kagawad 1 Punzalan, Jessa O. F
SK kagawad 2 Tara, Ludy S. M
SK kagawad 3 Gatdula, Jairene Jay D. M
SK kagawad 4 Canoy, Aprilyn R. F
SK kagawad 5 Sespense, Ceasar Ian O. M
SK kagawad 6 Pancho, Rodelo C. M
SK kagawad 7 Sespense, Jonna Mae O. F

Punong Barangay Bualan, Abdulbasit D. M
Kagawad 1 Calinawan, Carlos L. M
Kagawad 2 Muñez, Lucy S. F
Kagawad 3 Andong, Samir, L. M
Kagawad 4 Ebhrahim, Monjelin H. F
Kagawad 5 Asunto, Uldarico N. Jr. M
Kagawad 6 Yang, Anecito P. M
Kagawad 7 Damie, Harris B. M
Brgy. Secretary Mercado, Roy B. M
Brgy. Treasurer Bolatano, Reynante M

SK Chairman Yang, Al Hussien J. M
SK kagawad 1 Leones, Neressa Y. F
SK kagawad 2 Muñez, Shelouyn S. F
SK kagawad 3 Balbarino, Irish A. F
SK kagawad 4 Asunto, Jeziel F. F
SK kagawad 5 Enguito, Ivy Mae M. F
SK kagawad 6 Villar, Christine Joy A. F
SK kagawad 7

Punong Barangay Lozano, Dominador O. M
Kagawad 1 Olarte, Antonio C. M
Kagawad 2 Canacan, Millary T. F
Kagawad 3 Acharon, Ricardo A. M
Kagawad 4 Fuentes, Leonardo T. M
Kagawad 5 Lagala, Eldifonso L. M
Kagawad 6 Empal, Ronnie A. M
Kagawad 7 Bautista, Jeferson A. M
Brgy. Secretary Salinas, Thelma C. F
Brgy. Treasurer Empal, Sonia B. F

SK Chairman Lozano, Liwayway B. F
SK kagawad 1 Talawi, Kenneth S. M
SK kagawad 2 Torribiano, Mary Claire C. F
SK kagawad 3 Maglasang, Reymond F. M
SK kagawad 4 Maglasang, Regen N. F
SK kagawad 5 Muya, Angelie T. F
SK kagawad 6 Guiban, Chere Lyn D. F
SK kagawad 7 Salinas, Maria Reena Jade M. F


Punong Barangay Musa, Abdillah D. M
Kagawad 1 Bautista, Cesar C. M
Kagawad 2 Panayaman, Hamerin K. M
Kagawad 3 Rabaya, Francisco A. M
Kagawad 4 Macion,Edna C. F
Kagawad 5 Nacis, Abraham M. M
Kagawad 6 Oñas, Zaldy A. F
Kagawad 7 Sinoy, Romerico C. M
Brgy. Secretary Tizon, Fely M. F
Brgy. Treasurer Sarabosquez, Orminda T. F

SK Chairman Baguio, Irene C. F
SK kagawad 1 Nasis, Ivan James M. M
SK kagawad 2 Bañas, Lydio B. M
SK kagawad 3 Sanz, Divine F. F
SK kagawad 4 Dambong, Monsar P. M
SK kagawad 5 Danial, Aichael G. M
SK kagawad 6 Salanio, Jerome A. M
SK kagawad 7 Hassan, Mohammad Adnan C. F


Punong Barangay Jugarap, Jerry M M
Kagawad 1 Baladad, Erlinda P. F
Kagawad 2 Sande, Jesus S. M
Kagawad 3 Sayre, Tahel H. M
Kagawad 4 Jugarap, Victor D. M
Kagawad 5 Jugarap, Bernardo F. M
Kagawad 6 Reynado, Paulita C. F
Kagawad 7
Brgy. Secretary Dingcong, Erlyn M. F
Brgy. Treasurer

SK Chairman Pepito, Jackielyn E. F
SK kagawad 1 Alontong, Macmac K. M
SK kagawad 2 Ybañez, Adelrose L. F
SK kagawad 3 Silungan, Adjalal O. jr. M
SK kagawad 4 Batua, Jaykie S. M
SK kagawad 5
SK kagawad 6
SK kagawad 7

Upper Labay

Punong Barangay Baton, Azucena L F
Kagawad 1 Maguan, Melton S. M
Kagawad 2 Marquez, Angelito L. M
Kagawad 3 Santiago, Ruben L. M
Kagawad 4 Parasan, Ruben S. M
Kagawad 5 Muyso, Mily C. F
Kagawad 6 Baton, Cenon L. F
Kagawad 7 Sago, Celso B. M
Brgy. Secretary Pragoso, Ferdinand A. M
Brgy. Treasurer

SK Chairman Balunto, kevin S. M
SK kagawad 1 magyan, Danilo P. M
SK kagawad 2 Sarad, Irene D. F
SK kagawad 3 Pangilan, Ricky S. M
SK kagawad 4 Lanubay, Mary Jane B. F
SK kagawad 5 Parasan, Phebe Girl A. F
SK kagawad 6 Muyso, Generose M. F
SK kagawad 7 Parasan, Reymond O. M

Reference: Department of Interior and Local Government

GSC Barangay Profiles II: Tourism and Economic Potentials

Below are the information attributed to the 26 barangays of General Santos City with respect to their tourism and economic potentials.

Existing and Possible Tourism and Economic Potentials:
1. CFC Resort
2. Springville Spring Resort
3. Olaer Spring Resort
4. Philippine Public Safety College
5. General Santos City Reformatory Center
6. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University - IBED Espina

Existing and Possible Tourism and Economic Potentials:
1. Cebbans Resort
2. Capuchin's Priory
3. Franciscan Retreat Center
4. Bangus Ponds
5. Bakawan Forest

Existing and Possible Tourism and Economic Potentials:
1. Barangay Multi-Purpose Solar Dryer
2. Quarrying/Small scale mining

Existing and Possible Tourism and Economic Potentials:
1. Rajah Buayan Airstrip
2. Philippine Army Camp
3. Salt Factory

Existing and Possible Tourism and Economic Potentials:
1. Chevron Depot
2. Shell Depot
3. Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
4. Bombo Radyo AM/FM Stations
5. Amigo Hotel
6. Food Terminal
7. Royeca Aqua/Fishpond
8. Sto. Nino Parish Church
9. Bangus Ponds

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Dole Wharf
2. National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
3. General Milling
4. RD Fishing Group
5. Holy Cross Parish Church
6. Antonio Acharon Sports Complex
7. Bureau of Fire Protection Regional Office
8. Canon Migliaccio School
9. Dried Fish Areas

City Heights
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. St. Michael Parish Church
2. GSC Doctors Medical School Foundation
3. Mindanao Medical Center
4. Pueblo Resort
5. LC5 Resort
6. Wizard Academy
7. NCCC Wholesale Depot
8. Hope Christian Academy
9. AGBIM (Assembly of God Bible Institute of Mindanao)
10. GSC Doctors Hospital
11. SDA Southern Mission
12. ECA Realty Compound
13. JMP Building

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Klaja Karst Land
2. Malakong Wall
3. Bunga Spring
4. Amsekong Falls

Dad East
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
2. Bayan Telecommunications
3. Mindanao State University - High School Campus
4. Development Bank of the Philippines
5. GSC Freedom Park (Oval Plaza)
6. Jollibee National Highway

Dad North
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital
2. Holy Trinity College
3. AMA Computer College
4. Bulaong Over Land Terminal
5. Bureau of Internal Revenue Bldg
6. Phela Grande Convention Center

Dad South
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. GSC Public Market
2. Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Church
3. Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College
4. Golden State College
5. PLDT/Piltel Bldg.
6. Dadiangas South Elementary School
7. Notre Dame of Dadiangas for Girls (old campus)
8. JMP Building

Dad West
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Camp Fermin G. Lira
2. Golden State College
3. GFI College
4. GSC City Hall (New and Old Buildings)
5. GSC Sanggunian Panlungsod Building
6. Plaza Heneral Santos
7. Sydney Hotel
8. Phela Grande Hotel
9. Philippine National Red Cross Building
10. Jose Catolico Puericulture Center
11. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Building
12. Iglesia ni Cristo
12. SDA Church
13. RD Plaza
14. UCCP Central Church

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Mindanao State University
2. GSC Alternative International Airport
3. Fatima Parish Church

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Marcellin Foundation
2. Pioneer Seeds
3. Johnny Ang National High School

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. GSC Makar Port
2. Pescarich Corporation
3. WGA
4. Social Security System
5. Solid Shipping Container Area

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. St. Peter and Paul Parish Church
2. Gaisano Mall of Gensan
3. Robinson's Place
4. Brokenshire College SOCSKSARGEN Inc.
5. East Asia Royale Hotel
6. DXCP/Diocesan Media Center
7. GSC Lagao Gym
8. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University - IBED Campus
9. Sagittarius Mines Inc.
10. SOCSARGEN County Hospital
12. National Food Authority
13. KCC Mall of Gensan
14. General Santos Water District
15. General Santos District Hospital
16. Passionist Novitiate Area
17. STI Campus
18. Family Country Hotel and Convention Center
19. Sta. Lucia/Colinas Verdes Homes
20. Agan Centro Subdivision
21. Notre Dame of Lagao (old campus)
22. Knights of Columbus Hall

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. University of Santo Tomas
2. Madrasah Complex (Purok Kamasi)
3. Quarrying/Small Scale Mining

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Gawad Kalinga - Promise Land
2. NIA Irrigation Dam (Purok Intake)
3. Nopol Hills
4. Habitat Subdivisions
5. GK Homes

San Isidro
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Notre Dame of General Santos City
2. Meljoi's Resort
3. Cambridge Farms and Resort
4. Montesorri School of General Santos City
5. GMA 7 Station
6. ABS-CBN 2 Station
7. ABCD Stars
8. Our Lady of Manaoag Chapel (Dominican Youth Center)
9. GSCWD Pumping Stations

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Water Gran Resort
2. Marist Beach
3. Passionist Beach
4. RD Ranch/Prayer Mountains

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Amadeo Banana Plantation
2. Lisa's Farms
3. SOCSKSARGEN Masonic Center

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. GSC Fishport
2. PNP Regional Office
3. Cargill Plant
4. Tropicana Resort and Hotel
5. Sarangani Highlands
6. PPSA Shooting Grounds

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Our Lady of Refuge Dangpanan Foundation

Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Balakayo Hills

Upper Labay
Existing and Possible Tourism Potentials:
1. Mango Plantation Farms
2. Tinalak Weaving


Opinions are entirely attributed to the results of the environmental scoping conducted by the International Institute of Community Development and Transformation (IICDT) and the Philippine Societal Advancement throught Research and Educational Initiative, Inc. (PSAREI)

GSC Barangay Profiles I: Demographic Data

Below are the basic information attributed to the 26 barangays of General Santos City

General Santos City
Land Area 536.06
Pop. (2000) 411,822
Pop. (2007) 529,542
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 3.53 %

Land Area 19.07
Pop. (2000) 29,365
Pop. (2007) 43,596
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 8%

Land Area 10.04
Pop. (2000) 4,633
Pop. (2007) 6,611
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Land Area 15.87
Pop. (2000) 3,344
Pop. (2007) 3,624
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Land Area 4.93
Pop. (2000) 8,470
Pop. (2007) 9,778
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Land Area 2.93
Pop. (2000) 32,420
Pop. (2007) 34,697
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 7%

Land Area 7.89
Pop. (2000) 47,872
Pop. (2007) 67,832
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 13%

City Heights
Land Area 4.75
Pop. (2000) 20,896
Pop. (2007) 23,503
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 4%

Land Area 51.56
Pop. (2000) 7,642
Pop. (2007) 9,303
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Dad East
Land Area 0.61
Pop. (2000) 5,840
Pop. (2007) 5,882
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Dad North
Land Area 0.97
Pop. (2000) 9,883
Pop. (2007) 10,675
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Dad South
Land Area 0.61
Pop. (2000) 7,632
Pop. (2007) 8,083
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Dad West
Land Area 0.86
Pop. (2000) 16,196
Pop. (2007) 18,253
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 3%

Land Area 24.98
Pop. (2000) 48,080
Pop. (2007) 67,309
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 13%

Land Area 19.13
Pop. (2000) 7,603
Pop. (2007) 10,636
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Land Area 12.52
Pop. (2000) 46,960
Pop. (2007) 57,769
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 11%

Land Area 12.5
Pop. (2000) 42,903
Pop. (2007) 47,953
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 9%

Land Area 6.67
Pop. (2000) 3,175
Pop. (2007) 3,758
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Land Area 38.44
Pop. (2000) 10,380
Pop. (2007) 14,519
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 3%

Land Area 22.51
Pop. (2000) 2,285
Pop. (2007) 2,797
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

San Isidro
Land Area 14.72
Pop. (2000) 27,068
Pop. (2007) 38,980
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 7%

San Jose
Land Area 38.09
Pop. (2000) 6,196
Pop. (2007) 7,651
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Land Area 52.87
Pop. (2000) 4,358
Pop. (2007) 8,238
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Land Area 68.76
Pop. (2000) 7,570
Pop. (2007) 10,861
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Land Area 57.74
Pop. (2000) 4,080
Pop. (2007) 9,189
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 2%

Land Area 23.59
Pop. (2000) 4,131
Pop. (2007) 5,134
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%

Upper Labay
Land Area 23.45
Pop. (2000) 2,658
Pop. (2007) 2,911
Pop. Growth Rate (2000-2007) 1%


National Statistics Office

Monday, February 16, 2009

Census 2007: City Barangays

BarangayTotal Population
Baluan 6,611
Buayan 9,778
Bula 34,697
Conel 9,303
Dadiangas East (Pob.) 5,882
Katangawan 10,636
Lagao (1st & 3rd) 47,953
Labangal 57,769
Ligaya 3,758
Mabuhay 14,519
San Isidro (Lagao 2nd) 38,980
San Jose 7,651
Sinawal 10,861
Tambler 9,189
Tinagacan 5,134
Apopong 43,596
Siguel 8,238
Upper Labay 2,911
Batomelong 3,624
Calumpang 67,832
City Heights 23,503
Dadiangas North 10,675
Dadiangas South 8,083
Dadiangas West 18,253
Fatima 67,309
Olympog 2,797

* Excludes General Santos City.

1 Created into a barangay under Resolution No. 2. Series of 1988 and Resolution No. 170,

Sangguniang Panlalawigan of South Cotabato; ratified on June 30, 2003; taken from

barangay Poblacion.